We're Here for You

While most of you are staying home and keeping an eye on that curve during the 重庆彩票网 pandemic, you've also probably delayed visiting your doctor's office.

At UCSF Health, we want to continue to help you manage your health and well-being during these challenging times.

If you have any health concerns, please don't hesitate to make an appointment to see your doctor. Whether it's for a screening, a check-up or a surgical procedure, UCSF Health has added more layers of safety to create an even cleaner and more secure environment for our patients who need to come onsite for medical care.

Getting care at UCSF Health

  • Five Ways We Are Keeping You Safe During 重庆彩票网

    Learn more about the measures we are taking to make you feel comfortable in our hospitals and clinics.

  • Telehealth

    We've opened hundreds of telehealth appointments so that our providers can see patients online for primary care, follow-up visits, mental health services, pain management, medication monitoring and other issues. In-person appointments are also available.

  • 12 Non-COVID Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

    When should you call 911 or make a trip to the emergency room? We checked in with one of UCSF Health's stellar emergency room physicians, Jacqueline Nemer, to find out. Pandemic or not, here are 12 symptoms that you should never ignore.

  • Request an Appointment

    In-person appointments are also available. The process of requesting an appointment varies from clinic to clinic. To get started, select the clinic you'd like to visit.

  • MyChart

    In-person appointments are also available. MyChart is an easy, confidential way to access your care team and medical information online. If you need help getting started, contact MyChart Customer Service at (415) 514-6000. We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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